Football NewsThe Eintracht arrives between doubts
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The situation

Eintracht Frankfurt will arrive in Helsinki surrounded by doubts. Real Madrid’s rival for the European Super Cup next Wednesday the 10th starting at 9:00 p.m. (Movistar Champions League) kicked off the official course a few days ago with a solid win against Magdeburg in the first round of the Cup, by 0-4; a convincing, but misleading, win against a second-class rival. On Friday, at the Bundesliga premiere, it was his turn to endorse the sensations no less than against Bayern, on the first day of the Bundesliga. And the result was a catastrophe: a 6-1 loss at home. Oliver Glasner, coach of Eintracht, reserved some important pieces thinking about the Super Cup. Although not too many: Santos Borré, Kostic, Sow, Knauff, Lindstrom, Götze were starters… Kamada remained on the bench, a two-goal scorer against Magdeburg and one of the team’s biggest offensive arguments. Whatever game plan Glasner had, it didn’t work: they were down 5-0 at half-time. It has been repeated a lot, Ancelotti has even emphasized it, that Eintracht will arrive in Helsinki with much more competitive rhythm than Madrid, after having already played two official games against the Whites. But the resounding defeat against Bayern has only created uncertainty. “Eintracht entered the new season after winning the Europa League riding a wave of enthusiasm. But he sank at first against Bayern. How could this have happened?”, analyzed yesterday on its website the Frankfurter Allgemeine, the city’s reference newspaper, which said in its match report: “In a duel with the champion, Eintracht played without rhyme or reason” . In Frankfurt it’s time to make a clean slate:”I’m not really looking forward to the Super Cup right now, first we have to digest this”, commented Markus Krösche, sporting director.

Resignation with Kostic

Eintracht will arrive in Helsinki, moreover, with one of its best players involved in rumors, or something more than rumors: yesterday in Italy they took Kostic’s departure to Juventus for granted, although from Eintracht they affirmed that there is still no formal offer and the positions were distanced days ago, with the Italians offering just over 10 million and the Frankfurt team asking for no less than 20, although pressured by the situation. Kostic’s contract ends in a year, if he doesn’t trade him now he will leave for free in July.