Football NewsThe fairytale of Hans Flick – from running a local shop to the coaching national team
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Hans Flick is a big motivation for many. He was running a shop in a little city in Germany 24 months ago and now he is ready for a new job – coaching the national team of the country.


Working with Low in 2014

Flick is one of the most important people behind Germany’s success in Brazil. As you may know, Germany won their dream World Cup title back in 2014 and it all happened in the stadium of Brazil – the team they lost in the final of the Mundial 12 years ago. On top of that, Brazil was demolished by Germany’s national team by conceding 7 goals in the first 70 minutes. Germany was very successful for a few years and then we have seen a big decline of the team. By that time, Hans was already a coach of a local club in Germany. After coaching Hoffenheim for 8 months, he decided to step back from the coaching profession and return to the family. Hans returned to his wife’s hometown – Bommental. It’s a very little city in Germany and has nothing big to offer to the tourists. Hans was running a sports shop in the two for more than 15 months. In the latest interview, Hans admitted that being close to wife and kids was the main goal by that time. At the end of 2019, he became the coach of Bayern Munich and the rest is history.


Tactical genius

Bayern Munich had a bad first half of the season in 2019. Hans became the coach when Bayern was not even in the top 2 of the Bundesliga. Hans says that winning Bundesliga was easy but getting all possible trophies was not. Keep in mind that Hans changed everything in the team – especially the discipline. He admires players that have discipline and stay consistent with the work ethic. At the same time, he changed the tactical approach and Bayern Munich became more dominative. Team won the Champions League by demolishing all the opponents before the final game. IN the CL final of CL, Bayern scored the only goal that was enough for the big win.