Spanish La Liga NewsThe gibberish of the ‘Gavi Case’: the arguments of all parties
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The ‘Gavi Case’ is already in the hands of the Competition Committee. Although it seemed that it was not going to have a route, Elche has believed that it did and has denounced Barcelona’s improper alignment for lining up said footballer. The reason is in the change of status of Gavi from player of the first team to that of the subsidiary after the legal dispute with LaLiga. Is there misalignment? For Elche yes; for Barcelona and LaLiga, no. T

he Gavi Case is gibberish since it was born from the economic pulse between the Catalans and the employers and judicial decisions involved. Laporta renewed Gavi and wanted to register him in the winter market in the first team, which LaLiga refused because they did not have a sufficient salary limit. Barcelona went to court, obtaining a precautionary measure that allowed them to register him; but the judge ended up withdrawing said precautionary measure. Between this change of scenery, Gavi went from having a subsidiary file to having a first-team one and ending up losing it. And there is the argument that Elche clings to to request the improper alignment. The people from Elche base their complaint on the breach of article 141.5 of the General Regulations of the Spanish Football Federation: “Footballers whose license is canceled, may not, during the same season, obtain a license in the same team as the club to which they were already linked . However, Barcelona trusts the support of LaLiga and the RFEF, who consider that everything is correct.

Details of the Gavi Case

LaLiga, a few days ago, transmitted calm: “Everything is OK on the part of the RFEF and us. The situation prior to the precautionary measures has returned. Gavi has a file from the dependent team ”. The situation is that LaLiga approved in August a kind of visa so Gavi could play throughout the season with the Barcelona first team even though he belonged to the subsidiary. Once the first team card is withdrawn, he recovers said status approved in August for the entire campaign. That is, he is not approved for a new license, but he recovers the old one. What gives Barcelona peace of mind so that their matches cannot be challenged.