Football NewsThe keys to Raphinha’s signing, according to ‘The Athletic’: Deco’s favor and a penalty clause
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Neither one nor the other, but both. Against all initial forecasts, Barça managed to formalize in just a day and a half the signing of the Leeds United winger , for an amount close to 65 million euros, and the renewal of Ousmane Dembélé , winning the pulse of his agent to end up crystallizing the operation on the horn around the figures that the club wanted. So, in this way, Xavi already has a flying formula in a brand-new right winger with full guarantees : Raphinha plus Dembélé, whom he was going to replace at first and now they will have to fight for a position, unless one of them the two of them tip over to the left, where they are less accustomed. But from there Ferran Torres will start, another untouchable whose rank can mutate, if the arrival of Lewandowski at the forefront of the attack is added. The transfer of Raphinha has an intra-history of several chapters and moving lines His signing, full of difficulties due to the narrow margin of action granted by Barcelona’s limited financial capacity, has gone through black and white with the intermediation of key names such as the of Dani Alves, Chelsea or Arsenal, who were left with honey on their lips. As The Athletic points out, two aspects stood out among the ups and downs of the negotiation.

Deco saves money to the Barcelona

Raphinha’s agent at her agency, D20 Sports, performed an exclusive favor for her former club, waiving the pertinent agent commission. From “up to seven figures’, points out the English medium. Of course, as long as his representative ended up at the Camp Nou. In fact, if the Barça club did not throw in the towel, it was because of the vital role of the former player, which he granted, by order of his representative, a starting advantage to his former team. His relationship with Joan Laporta is magnificent, which avoided having to pay an extra tip of more than one million euros.

Leeds does not trust Barcelona

And also the penalty clause that the English team imposed on Barça in the contract. They did not trust his liquidity capacity, and, therefore, they agreed to pay an additional ten million euros if he did not meet the payment date set. Especially the first . In fact, as the same source also points out, the Barça club even offered the option of postponing the transfer to February in case of difficulties in obtaining income. Something that is happening, with Frenkie De Jong and his momentary refusal to go out pierced, blocking the exit door and the culé financing gate.