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The situation 

The Real Madrid of the future already has its master lines drawn. An action plan where the commitment to youth in the market has gone hand in hand with the presence of totems. Soccer players like Carvajal, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos or Benzema who have allowed, and continue to allow, with their experience and knowledge of the White House, the growth of some of the greatest jewels worldwide without the haste of having to lead the project. This is how V alverde, Vinicius or Rodrygo have hatched, the three standard-bearers of this sweet transition in which Ancelotti has played, and still plays, a fundamental role. Now, with Endrick agreed, Bellingham as the great desired in 2023 and the asterisk that accompanies a Haaland who is still on the horizon, the group of players on which the foundations of the new Santiago Bernabéu will be based take shape. To begin with, those who (yet) are not. Yet. Madrid identified Jude Bellingham as the ideal replacement for Luka Modric. The Borussia Dortmund midfielder is the yearning for next summer, a signing in which they will have to battle against Liverpool and scratch their pockets (from Germany there is talk of more than €150 million). Of course, the excellent performance of the left-handed player from Stourbridge in the World Cup only endorses the bet as a winner. Modric has gasoline left in the tank and he does not set limits, so he could guide the player destined to succeed him. Not in type of football, but in importance and demarcation. And if 2023 is Bellingham, 2024 is Endrick and Haaland. The Brazilian has chosen Madrid ahead of the rest of the bidders (PSG, Chelsea and Barça) and, once he comes of age (July 21 of that year), he will follow in the footsteps of Vinicius and Rodrygo. A closed operation in 35 M€ fixed and 25 in variables . Regarding Haaland, he would have to convince the footballer. The €150 million clause that allows him to leave City in 2024 is the nail on the Paseo de la Castellana. Of course, they should resume the talks and cross the bridges that were built last summer. The much-vaunted arrival of Mbappé at the white club and the presence of a Ballon d’Or mode Benzema made him opt, without wanting to delay the decision any further, for the citizen offer .It would be time to revisit the negotiation, taking into account that Karim will already be on his way to 37 years of age at that time. Endrick and Haaland could collide, since the environment of the Palmeiras striker appreciates that the project favors the very young talent . However, competition is not only non-negotiable in Madrid, but also necessary .

A question and a lot of certainty

The rest of the puzzle pieces are already on the board. Although there is a question mark: Vinicius Tobias. The 18-year-old Brazilian right-back is increasingly standing out at Castilla, where Raúl gives him flight as a winger. Arrived as a side effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Madrid agreed to his transfer with a purchase option of €18 million that he must decide whether to execute at the end of the course. He is already knocking on the door of the first team and the quotas would not be a problem, so he is presented as an option with a lot of future to take over from a Carvajal who in 2024 will already be 32 years old. Just as he could, like Modric with Bellingham, take him under the arm to show him the secrets of the position. Next to him, in the rear, appearMilitao (24 years old), called to be the quarterback for years behind, Rüdiger (29) and Alaba (30).