The main stories of the League of Nations

The main stories of the League of Nations

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16 Jun 2022
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Italy has been completely renewed, Mancini has opened a young striker from Zurich

Italy Roberto Mancini is a strange team. First, they suddenly won Euro 2020, and a few months later they gave out a winless streak and could not break into the World Cup. These problems prompted Mancini to change – in the League of Nations, he allowed the base to rest and called on the young. Some of them are hardly even heard of by fans of Serie A. One of them is a 23-year-old defender, Federico Gatti. He just moved to Juve and people compare him to Chiellini. It’s funny that just a year ago he played in Serie C, and before that he worked as a bricklayer, window maker and seller in the market. Another – Salvatore Esposito, a 21-year-old defensive midfielder from SPAL. He has over a hundred Serie B appearances, but the top clubs have never shown any interest in him. Biggest discovery – 18-year-old winger Denyan Nyonto. He is a graduate of Inter, but when he realized that there was no chance of getting into the first team, he moved to Switzerland. Now he is the star of Zurich – in the last season he scored nine goals. In the Nations League, Nyonto scored an assist and a goal in two matches against Germany. Denyan became the youngest ever player to score for Italy – the previous record stood at 64 years. With such a roster, Italy scored 5 points in three matches. Closer to the end of the June segment, the experiment went haywire – Italy lost devastatingly to Germany (2:5). The last time the Italians missed five in one game was in 1957 (then they lost to Yugoslavia 1:6). 

Cataclysms of the League of Nations: the rain almost disrupted the match Austria – Denmark, the bus of the Bulgarians had an accident

The League of Nations lasted only two weeks, but even in such a short time there were several unpleasant incidents. The first is in the Austria-Denmark match at the Ernst Happel stadium in Vienna. The game was initially delayed for an hour and a half due to a power outage. Not only the stadium was damaged, but the entire Prater. For example, due to the lack of electricity, the attractions in it stopped – so people got stuck at a height of several meters. The DJ at the match joked by playing Falco’s Out of the Dark, and the lights went on instantly. The game nevertheless took place, and after it everyone paid attention to a giant hole in the middle of the field. There have been jokes on the internet about the heavy pressure of the Austrians, but it seems that the hole (and power outage) was due to heavy rains in Austria. Another incident happened to the Bulgarian national team when the team flew to Tbilisi for the match against Georgia. It all happened on the way to the hotel. Bulgarian buses drove into the tunnel: a car flew by at high speed, it lost control, and in order not to crash into another car, it braked sharply in front of the Bulgarian bus. The first bus managed to slow down, but the second crashed into the first. There were almost no casualties, only midfielder Tedor Nedelev was unlucky. He was sitting in the front seat and found himself in the epicenter of the accident: he received a head injury, bruised chest, plus glass fragments got into the wounds. After the accident, he was immediately taken to a local hospital, the operation to remove glass fragments lasted more than two hours. Perhaps the accident affected the mood of both teams – the match ended in a goalless draw. 


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