Football NewsThe most human Barcelona, in ‘Betislandia’
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Xavi’s men try to close their passage to the Champions League at the Cup champion’s party. While Betis is happy, Barça accepts its reality.

The situation

Almost in the throes of the Fair, the happiest Betis and wasteful of illusion for almost two decades receives in a fiery Villamarín the most realistic Barcelona that is remembered in recent years, with the faith of continuing in the fight for the Champions League , that would put the icing on the cake, as in 2005 , to an unforgettable season. That Betis of “feel, suffer, fight, win: we can” by Serra Ferrer who finished fourth after a memorable final sprint has found relief, almost two decades later, in this masterpiece by engineer Pellegrini. The Cup champion, with Fekir and Canales in charge of operations, is still confident of finishing fourth and putting the finishing touch to this season of happiness.


What for Betis is a cherry, is an obligation for Barcelona. Xavi invented the “League of five that we have to win” for trying to give the Blaugrana people something to eat . Aspiring to be second , that “new reality of Barcelona” according to Xavi that felt so bad when Koeman did not disguise it with “this is what it is”, is the minimum objective of the azulgrana that, without Piqué and with the doubt of Ter Stegen , would take a giant step towards the runner-up if they win in Heliopolis. A victory, in addition, mathematically guarantees their access to the Champions League , a minimum respite for the economy. The moods of Betis and Barcelona are one hundred and zero. While the verdiblanca took the Cup from Plaza Nueva to Villamarín and have enjoyed it these days in the real booths, Barcelona chews through its season in white and, on top of that, lives in disbelief at the memorable exploits of its eternal rival. A tough end to the season that can only be given a worthy stamp with a victory in Heliopolis that would confirm that, yes, at least he has been able to compete with the best in LaLiga.