Football NewsThe prisoner said that Dani Alves helps other prisoners
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According to a fellow inmate, Dani Alves is a serious individual who tries to blend in with the rest of the prison population


Life of Dani Alves in Jail

Since his imprisonment at Brians II Penitentiary Center, details have emerged about the daily life of former Barcelona right-back, Dani Alves. According to a fellow inmate, Alves is a serious individual who tries to blend in with the rest of the prison population. Additionally, the inmate revealed that Alves is generous and helps others by paying for their necessary items.


Helpful and Humble

The inmate disclosed to Spanish TV show ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’ that “He helps where he can, tries to go unnoticed and is very nice to people. He is not a star. There are officials who flatter him and there are others who are happy to have him there.” Despite his fame, Alves has been able to maintain a low profile in prison.


Lawyer’s Defense

In regards to the ongoing case against Alves, lawyer Cristobal Martell, who is in charge of Alves’ legal affairs, has acknowledged for the first time that there was penetration during the alleged sexual assault. However, Martell maintains that the act was consensual. He argued that the medical report submitted by the complainant, which was provided by the Hospital Clinic, does not show any injuries in the genital area.

In conclusion, Dani Alves is trying to adjust to life in prison and is helping his fellow inmates where possible. Meanwhile, his lawyer is working on his legal defense to clear his name.