Football NewsThe Red Devils turn down Eric Cantona’s offer to become club president
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Former football player Eric Cantona revealed that he offered to return to the Red Devils as football president, but Edward Gareth Woodward turned down the offer.


What did Eric Cantona say?

Famed Frenchman Eric Cantona, who spent five memorable years at Old Trafford as a player, had the backing of Sir Alex Ferguson when it came to filling a post that would see him dictate procedures away from the pitch. However, the Frenchman has been kicked off the board and continues to face fierce fan opposition – the Glaser family has once again faced calls to sell and move on.

The French legend said that last year he suggested to the club that they change their path. According to Eric Cantona, Woodward is great at marketing, but not great at football. Man Utd must have a chairman and then they must have a marketing president and then a football president who is responsible for all decisions in football. So Eric suggested to them that he be the president of football.

Cantona met him several times. But they didn’t accept it! The Frenchman still thinks that he or someone else, they must have someone for football. It must be someone from the club who knows football and the club. But they didn’t want Cantona to be the president of the club! They didn’t want him! Eric Cantona says fans need to know that he has traveled and traveled to Manchester to enable them to succeed in the decades to come. And they didn’t want it.


What will happen after this for the Red Devils?

The Glazers have yet to put Manchester United up for sale, but the likes of Michael Knighton – who has come close to buying the club in the past – and Sir James Ratcliffe – Britain’s richest man – have expressed interest in negotiating a takeover.