Football NewsThe test is a must! Real will test players and staff on Coronavirus
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In addition to the players, the staff will also be inspected. La Liga has made the test mandatory.


The 25 players of the first team of Real Madrid will pass the test on Coronavirus on Wednesday, May 6, at the training base. The decision was made with considering of the de-escalation phase created by the Spanish government, which allows athletes to return to training sessions.

Real Madrid players have been in self-isolation for seven weeks. During this time, no symptoms have been reported in any of the Royal Club’s players. Nevertheless, all players are required to pass the test, as this procedure is mandatory for La Liga.

The only case of Coronavirus in the Real Madrid organization has been reported. It was confirmed to a member of the basketball team, American Trey Thompkins. Not only will players pass the test on Coronavirus, but also all members of the coaching staff and employees of the club. The club started informing the employees about it yesterday.

Tests are the first step to getting players back to their usual environment and training on an individual basis. Real Madrid’s training session is scheduled for Monday, May 11.


A few hours before testing on Covid 19!


It has been decided that on Wednesday, all the players of “Real” Madrid will pass the test on Coronavirus.

Most likely, by the end of tomorrow, the public will be informed about the health condition of Zidane’s troops.

Zidane is likely to decide tomorrow when his team will start individual training. According to “Marca,” the sessions will begin on Friday, but it has not been officially confirmed.