The threat of 7 years in prison and searches, how are the stars of the Premier League, who are suspected of crimes?

The threat of 7 years in prison and searches, how are the stars of the Premier League, who are suspected of crimes?

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25 Apr 2022
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Details of the lives of Greenwood, Mendy and Sigurdsson.

Mason Greenwood (Man. United), Benjamin Mendy (Man City) and Gylfi Sigurdsson (Everton) have been out of the Premier League for a long time. But the reason is not injuries or coaching mistrust – they are involved in criminal cases and are under investigation.We tell the sad stories of the former Premier League tops.

Nike left Greenwood, but Manchester United continue to pay him a salary (75 thousand pounds a week)

Greenwood’s problems with the law began at the end of January . Then his girlfriend Harriet Robson posted creepy photos on Instagram with a broken lip and bruises. Robson wrote, “For anyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood is really doing to me.” The girl also posted an audio recording in which Greenwood’s voice is heard – there the footballer very rudely forced Harriet to have sex. Manchester United first waited for evidence, and a little later released a statement where they indicated that they had suspended Greenwood for an indefinite period. A few days later, the football player was arrested on suspicion of rape and death threats. Prior to this, the case was qualified differently: it was considered only as causing bodily harm. On February 2, Mason was nevertheless released from the police on bail during the investigation.

After that, Greenwood had other problems – Nike left Mason, and football simulators FIFA 22, Konami eFootball and Football Manager 2022 removed him from the game. Fans of Man United could exchange a form with the name of Greenwood for any other free of charge, all products with the name of a football player were removed from the Manchester United online store.

And what happened next? The Daily Mail found out that Greenwood continues to receive a salary of 75,000 pounds a week from United. In early April, some Manchester United fans noticed that Mason was still listed as a first-team player on the club’s website. Social media speculated that United were looking to bring the striker back, but the club denied this. “There has been no change in Mason’s status. We removed his profile from the club app shortly after he was removed from the membership in January. This was done in order to remove Mason from the interactive elements of the application. But his profile has never been removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player although he is not currently part of the squad while the lawsuit unfolds.” A couple of weeks later there were rumors that Greenwood did return to training at Manchester United, but journalists Chris Wheeler (Daily Mail) and Simon Stone (BBC) called them false. “Mason Greenwood has not returned to training at United and his situation has not changed despite rumors circulating on social media,” Wheeler tweeted.

Greenwood’s bail expires April 30, but could be extended. Domestic violence is a criminal offense in the UK, for which up to 5 years in prison can be imposed, and for sexual offenses – from 4 to 7. It all depends on the degree of beating, the prosecution may apply a more serious article. If Greenwood is found guilty, the obvious outcome is sanctions from Manchester United and a possible termination of the contract with the club.

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