Football News“The whole country is for Liverpool: the press and everyone else.” Pep pulled away in the race
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Manchester City took out Newcastle 5-0 on Sunday, scoffing at speculation that a dramatic Champions League exit would affect the team in the Premier League. Against the backdrop of a draw in the match between Liverpool and Tottenham (1: 1), City strengthened their lead on points ( 3) and took the lead on goal difference ( 4 from Liverpool). Then Pep Guardiola added color to the evening. The coach gave uncharacteristically sharp words for a rivalry with Jurgen Klopp. Usually, coaches emphasize mutual respect, which infuriates fans of old-school confrontations, where hatred was in the center.  It all started with a question about changes to the championship race: “We were one point ahead a week ago.But the whole country is for Liverpool: both the press and everyone else. Of course, Liverpool has an amazing history in European competition. But not in the Premier League – here the club has one title in 30 years. But this is not a problem in general. Such is the situation. We need to take 9 or, as it may be now, 6 points – it depends on how the next two games turn out in terms of goal difference. On Wednesday [against Wolverhampton] we have the very, very, real final. We will try to win there. Our fate is in our hands, which is very important.” During the interview, Pep was asked: “Are you really sure that everyone wants Liverpool to win the championship?” Guardiola replied: Liverpool, along with Manchester United, are the most important teams in history in terms of heritage, titles, history, drama and many other things. But in the last 10, 11, 12 years, we are always there. I understand that sometimes we are uncomfortable for someone, but I don’t care. If people want Liverpool to win more, it’s not a problem. This is fine. 


For sure, all over the world and in England, Liverpool have more fans than we do. But that’s not the point. Today, before the start of the match, the fans [at the Etihad Stadium] supported us like never before. They know that even after being eliminated from the Champions League, we can rely on these players. The support has been incredible. Hopefully, for the last game of the season, we will come back here with a chance to become champions.” Pep continued the theme of media love for Liverpool at the press conference. The Man City coach was asked if he was “ecstatic” from the team’s game with Newcastle. “Can there be any doubt? Are you a Liverpool fan?, said Guardiola. When he heard that the journalist was actually supporting Man United, Pep jokingly replied: “I sympathize.” Klopp was asked about Guardiola’s comments on Monday: “I live in Liverpool, so yes, a lot of people here want us to win. But even here there are 50% of them. We, the coaches, after the matches, of course, are impressed by the episodes of the last game. I don’t know what situation Guardiola was in. Of course, accepting relegation from the Champions League is not easy. Liverpool are in the final. I have no idea if the whole country supports us. In other cities, I had the opposite impression. Perhaps Pep knows more than me.”