Football NewsThey denounce a hate attack from ultras of Atletico in Soria
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The situation 

The Soria memorial association Recuerdo y Dignidad has denounced this Friday an aggression allegedly committed by ultra fans of Atlético de Madrid, motivated by hatred, against a citizen of Soria on November 12 on a street in Soria, a day in which The Copa del Rey match between Almazán and the rojiblanco team was played in that city. “Once again, unfortunately, ultra violence has left its mark on a football match, this time in Soria,” that association lamented in a statement, without the assaulted person having filed a police complaint in this regard, in the opinion of the entity by “fear”. The attack allegedly occurred at noon last Saturday, in the center of Soria, when a Soria citizen who was on his way home was approached by three individuals who pounced on him from behind and began beating him. Some people who were present in the nearby bars rebuked the assailants, managing to stop the attack which, in the opinion of Recuerdo y Dignidad, was purely for ideological and hateful reasons, due to the clothing and appearance of the victim. 

The details

The Soriana Association for Memory and Dignity has also received news of other attacks and threats for wearing scarves or shirts from the rival team and anti-democratic, racist and violent chants that took place this Saturday in the heart of the city of Soria. For this reason , he has criticized the fact that many football clubs, and mainly those of a higher category, protect and support these violent and anti-democratic elements that form an active and passive part of their organization chart. “As long as this violence is not recognized, its ideological and hateful nature, the problems it causes and the absolute need to confront it head-on, this scourge will not disappear and all citizens of this country, whether they are soccer fans or not, will continue to be Potential victims of attacks such as those that occurred this Saturday in the quiet streets of Soria, at least until the next big football event,” they concluded in their statement.