French Ligue 1 NewsMendes and Family Receive Death Threats on Social Media
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After his tackle left the PSG star, Neymar with an ankle injury, Thiago Mendes and his family have been subjected to death threats on social media.


Despite the confirmation that Neymar hasn’t broken any bones and the injury he was subjected to during the PSG 0-1 Lyon defeat isn’t bad, his countryman, Mendes has received abuse from Neymar’s and PSG fans on social media.

Mendes’ wife, Kelly spoke to CNEWS this week reacting to some of the abuse she and her partner received. One read, “for your boyfriend’s actions, if anything happens to Neymar, you will pay with your life. You and your family, one by one”.

Meanwhile, Mendes has been left fearing for his family’s safety after the match with his wife Kelly confirming they have informed the police to help assist with the threats.

Nonetheless, comments from Neymar’s father have done little to put off the outrage, after he posted on social media in the aftermath of the tackle.

On his Instagram page, he said, “Fuck. How much longer? We have spoken about this so much, we have so underlined the excess of violence”.

“We are not taking the necessary measures throughout the entire match, during which Neymar was the victim of a dozen fouls, always violent ones. This encourages these types of players and attitudes”.

Also, Neymar took to Instagram at the beginning of the week to reassure his supporters that it “could have been worse” and it is hoped that he will not miss many PSG matches if any.

Additionally, his coach, Thomas Tuchel hinted Neymar could be ready to face Lille at the weekend in PSG’s penultima match before the break.