Football NewsThierry Henry reflects on Mauricio Pochettino and PSG
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French soccer coach Thierry Henry asked if Pochettino is allowed to go to PSG for stars Neymar, Messi and Mbappe, or if the trio is in charge.


Mauricio Pochettino must be empowered

Thierry Henry criticized the Paris Saint-Germain trio for their lack of defensive work during the 2-1 defeat to French side Man City in the Champions League on Wednesday. Paris Saint-Germain cannot win the Champions League if the attackers no longer work when the team is not in possession, Thierry argued, but Maurucio Pochettino needs to be given enough power to make them defend.


What did Thierry Henry say?

Thierry Henry said you know where the frustration comes from? This is because Paris Saint-Germain used to play in the back, so it hurts not to see these guys come back. As an ex-striker, if you want to win the Champions League, you can’t currently defend with seven players in a modern game. It’s impossible. Henry says he doesn’t care who you are.

Teams that win titles and more win the Champions League … they need at least their front three facing the ball. Thierry Henry is referring to the bare minimum. they are not asking you to chase the guys to the corner flag. Face them, obstruct, cut the passing side, let them go outside, and then maybe now full backs will feel safer about what is happening behind and in front of them. According to Henry they are now too vulnerable. Teams in the league in France cannot expose them, but Manchester City can.

Thierry Henry went on to say that can the boss be allowed to go for them, or do the players rule? It is very difficult, because if the coach at the top cannot be strong in terms of what he wants to do and how he likes to play, and he feels the pressure that he can be satisfied with something, then it becomes difficult. Thierry also said that you saw how everyone who left Paris Saint-Germain went to win in Europe – Tuchel and Emery – but Pochettino sometimes prevents Pochettino from being with this team.