This is how Pique’s night parties are: “Indecent amounts of money are spent”

This is how Pique’s night parties are: “Indecent amounts of money are spent”

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13 Jun 2022
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Gerard Pique is among the current social issues due to the recent separation from Shakira after 12 years of relationship and two children in common. His conquests, the lifestyle he leads… All these issues are being heavily analyzed by the press and the media. The last to discover what Piqué’s nocturnal lifestyle is like was the program ‘Socialite’ , from Telecinco , who after speaking with the paparazzi Jordi Martín has discovered what the footballer does when he goes out partying.

More than 2,000 euros in one night

“About Pique’s parties, let’s see… I’ve been following Gerard for 12 years and Piqué is well known in Barcelona, ​​the parties he throws… but they point out to me that lately he’s totally out of date, spending a lot of time partying with his partner Riqui Puig . He is spending indecent amounts of money in nightclubs and restaurants until the wee hours of the morning” , assures Jordi “According to my information, the amounts that Piqué can spend on a night out vary depending on the day, but a minimum of 2,000 euros, from 2,000 and up per day. But those amounts for Piqué are ridiculous”, he points out.

Pique’s private with what would be his new illusion

According to what they have told from the program directed by María Patiño, Gerard Piqué would have coincided on several occasions with a girl at the La Traviesa nightclub in Barcelona. As ‘Socialité’ reports , the FC Barcelona footballer arrived at the club by taxi and, to enter and leave the premises without being seen, he used a side door, on a street with very little traffic. Once inside the room, he went to a private room where he hid with what would be his new illusion . According to the ‘Socialité’ reporter, in that private room “There is a red curtain and once inside it there are some stairs where Piqué could see her”.

The parties of the FC Barcelona players

The program has also revealed the words of the ‘influencer’ Luciana Guschmer, who has explained what the parties with models that FC Barcelona players go to are like: “They didn’t let them carry mobile phones because there were many players who misbehaved, who they were there with models and that they were married, including Piqué” , Luciana explained to ‘Socialité’.


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