Football NewsThomas Muller talked about the replacement of Robert Lewandowski
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Thomas Muller talked about Robert Lewandwoski’s performance and injury. He met journalists and answered many questions


The injury of Robert Lewandowski

German midfielder was disappointed. He said that it’s a big shame for Lewandowski and the whole team. He noted that every player of the team was doing everything correctly to play the final phase of the season. Unfortunately to Bayern Munich fans, Lewandowski will miss a few games in April. Keep in mind that Bayern Munich played against Leipzig on Saturday without Robert. At the same time, Bayern Munich will play without Lewandowski against PSG. Neymar and Kylian Mbappe’s team is ready to face Bayern and pay-back for a loss in the final of the Champions League. Thomas said that losing Robert in important games will be tough. It’s very hard to replace a striker like Robert Lewandowski. When you need a goal, Robert is always there and he makes everything easy for the club. So, Thomas is disappointed but hopes of the best results in the future.


Bayern Munich depends on Lewy’s goals

Thomas Muller said that Bayern Munich depends a lot on Robert Lewandowski. Midfielder said that every journalist should look after the statistics. After all those years that Robert joined Bayern, it seems that he is perfectly included in the line-up. If we take a loot at the stats of Robert Lewandowski this season, then it’s visible that Bayern will find it hard to replace the main striker. Thomas Muller admitted that personally for him everything will be changed. First of all, Muller’s main role was connected midfield and Robert Lewandowski. As the main striker of the team is injured, now he has to find a different route. Flick will try to play with another striker (For instance Moting) but he does not have the same % of conversion regular shots in the goals. That’s why Muller will try to play differently in the penalty area. Muller noted that team players will take more importance on themselves and try to score goals that team won’t have problem in the attacking line