Football NewsThomas Tuchel is outraged that everything is going against Chelsea
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Frustrated German soccer manager Thomas Tuchel has crushed everything against Chelsea after Welbeck condemned his side to a devastating 1-1 draw with Brighton on Wednesday.


A little about the topic

The Chelsea manager was furious at the lack of VAR interference when Pulisic filed a penalty appeal in the second half, calling it a joke. Thomas also complained about injuries to defenders Christensen and James. which were supplanted in a further blow to the spirit of Chelsea.


What did Thomas Tuchel say?

Thomas Tuchel said they have a terrible 2-0 referee decision. They didn’t even check it. Everyone is against them. They have two injuries again. Thomas added to reporters that the penalty is a joke, honestly a joke, not to interfere with VAR.

They just have too many players returning from prolonged injuries and the coronavirus. James’s injury was a huge blow. Andreas Christensen was one of the best serving players and at one point this is too much against a Brighton team that has nothing to lose.

When asked if Chelsea was still in the title race, Thomas replied that how should they be in it? They have seven coronavirus cases. They have five to six players for six weeks or more. How should they compete in the title race? Everyone else who has a full roster, everyone in training has full strength to get through this league. It would be foolish to think they can do this to Covid and injuries.

According to Thomas Tuchel, this is reality, that is where they are and they must adapt to the demands of the situation in which they are. This is what Tuchel says. they competed very hard to win at Brighton at home. Thomas doesn’t know what he can expect from his players in terms of physicality, intensity or minutes. Nobody else knows because they have never done anything like this.