Football NewsThree reasons why Barcelona should not buy Leroy Sane
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According to recent reports, Barcelona have been involved in a fight for Leroy Sane, a German offensive at Manchester City.


According to a source, Sane wants to leave City after the current season is over. Bayern are considered the main contender for the 24-year-old player, but now Barcelona and Real are already involved.

Reportedly, the Munichs have already met with the German offensive player on several occasions and offered a pretty attractive long-term contract. The option of returning to San Diego is attractive. But the possibility of playing at Blaugrana or the Royal Club may change his decision. The increase in the number of Leroy applicants poses more problems for “Citizens” who still hope to retain the player.

As you know, besides him, Barca are interested in many other attackers. offers the top three reasons why the club should forget about Sane and switch to others.


Sane’s Injury


The injury which the German attacker suffered last summer has not recovered yet. Due to that trauma, he had to miss much of the season. Usually, after such injuries, the players have been recovering for months, and Barcelona are in desperate need of a boost.


Neymar option


There is a good chance that Barça will get Neymar at the end of the season. The Brazilian forward is the best option for the Catalans. However, PSG agrees to the talks, and Neymar himself is eager to return to Camp Nou.  Therefore, Barcelona should work on the transfer of their “prodigal son.”


Leo Messi Factor and MSN


Lionel Messi supports Neymar’s transfer most of all. This is not surprising since alongside the Brazilian, Messi and Suarez formed a trio of angry, beating and scaring the defenders of their rivals. Together they have scored 364 goals in three seasons.