Football NewsToni Kroos is losing a momentum
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The German midfielder has hardly had a break since joining the team after recovering from his injury and in Paris he was not at his level. Perhaps it lacks freshness.


Toni Kroos needs a fresh start

First it was Valverde and ten more. Then Kroos and ten more. The German is a fixture in Ancelotti’s eleven. In the strict sense of the word. Since he recovered from the injury that delayed his start to the season, Kroos is the only Real Madrid player who has participated in all the games and in all of them, except for his debut and the first Cup match against Alcoyano, he has been a starter. In Paris, in line with the team, he was not close to his best level. Perhaps a symptom of lack of freshness.

The absence of the 8 madridista in the first games of the season opened the ownership to Valverde, who at the start of the campaign became the first essential of the coach. Kroos not only regained ownership, but ‘inherited’ that status as a key piece that the Uruguayan had enjoyed. Kroos has 28 consecutive games. He started rolling with 24 minutes against the Sheriff at the Bernabeu and then he has been stringing together one start after another.


No rotation from the coach

Ancelotti, who until now has not practiced massive rotations, has been giving occasional breaks to different players. Benzema, Alaba, Modric, Casemiro, Mendy and even Vinicius , although forced to complete the yellow cycle, have been on the bench or the coach has directly left them out of a call. This has not been the case with Kroos, who has already played 2,279 minutes and is the seventh player in the squad with the most time on the pitch, just above his inseparable partner in midfield Luka Modric. In favor of the German, he resigned from his national team. Kroos, 32, decided last summer to leave the Mannschaft and focus on Real Madrid.