Spanish La Liga NewsToni Kroos wants to see Super League in the future
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The Real Madrid player says that “football needs more emotion” and is confident that the project will go ahead “the clubs will not exclude any team and they do not need UEFA, which is not a Samaritan, to organize themselves.”


Toni Kroos is a ‘pro’ for Super League

Toni Kroos, a German midfielder for Real Madrid, spoke out just a few hours ago in favor of the Super League. He has done so with a reflection that can be heard on his latest podcast, ‘Einfach mal Luppen’. “I think we will see the Super League. And I believe so for several reasons. The idea of ​​the Super League has changed and deserves to be heard. If you look carefully from both angles, you will see that UEFA is by no means a great Samaritan for football fans and that the Super League does not have the idea, at least in the second attempt, to exclude any team, because there will be no permanent founding members. It is a sports competition, open, but managed by the clubs and not by UEFA, because these clubs believe that they do not need UEFA for that. I think this deserves at least one chance…”.


Waiting for the renewal from Real Madrid

The player, a former international with Germany, pending the renewal of his contract with Real Madrid, also indicates the reasons why he believes that the Super League would be good for football. “Although we have already talked about the loss of passion for football, I believe that the Super League has the opportunity to reverse that situation. Let there be more enthusiasm and emotion for the games that we will be able to see. Because in the end, let’s not fool ourselves, many people always say: “who wants to see Real Madrid against Manchester City every week? But have you gotten tired of watching Federer against Nadal over and over again? I don’t. That’s my opinion. I think we can attract the fans and get them back to football, and it could also bring a completely different enthusiasm to the neutral fan. Because these matches are not only seen by the fans of the clubs, but also neutral fans. And I think that, with the feeling that interest in football is waning, we would have the opportunity to increase all that again if we seriously addressed it.