Football NewsTwo substitutes enlisted for Jose at Tottenham Hotspurs
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The management of “Tottenham Hotspur” has compiled a list of potential replacements for Jose Mourinho.


According to, in case the unsuccessful results continue, and the management decides to fire Jose Mourinho, the team will consider two options to replace him: “Leicester” coach Brendan Rodgers and “Leipzig” young coach Julian Nagelsmann.

In the last 5 matches of the Premier League, “Tottenham” has suffered 4 defeats and is currently in 9th place in the tournament table and is 6 points behind the Eurozone zone.

However, it will not be easy to fire Jose, as it is known that his contract does not include a termination clause, so if the parties do not agree on a sum, Tottenham will have to extend the salary of the coach until Jose decides for himself which team to take over.


Jose Mourinho answers question about Dele Alli and Gareth Bale


Mourinho talked about Dele Alli and Gareth Bale after the match with “Wolfsberger” (4: 1).

“Reporters asked me the same question before and after the match. My answer was the same: our goal is to win. I watch the performance of the team and not the specific players. This is not a separate test for everyone. “Tottenham” players are good enough, but these matches were not a test for them.

I replaced Bale because I know he has a 90-minute challenging game. The team needed something new at some point, and Lamela gave it to us. As for Alli, he worked tirelessly, received a yellow card and even had a chance to be sent off, given how easily the referee punished our players.

However, I am satisfied with everyone, including the two players you asked about, “Mourinho said.

Tottenham loaned Gareth Bale from Real Madrid at the start of the season. Also, a lot was written about the departure of Dele Alli from the team last January.