Football NewsTottenham Prepares For Life Without Harry Kane
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Kane makes it clear he has no intention of signing a new deal this summer as Daniel Levy prices up alternatives

Kane has made it clear to Daniel Levy that he has no intention of signing a new deal this summer. Although he is open to all options, Kane prepared to accept a move to Bayern Munich rather than leave next year for free if that was considered best for his club.

The Spurs chairman, meanwhile, is stepping up routine contingency plans by pricing up alternatives, including interest in Arthur Cabral of Fiorentina.

Brazilian Cabral, 25, is robust, mobile, strong in the air with two good feet. He has scored 19 goals in 64 appearances since moving to Italy from Basel, where he scored 65 in 106.

Ange Postecoglou, however, is still planning for the season with Kane up front in his team.

The new Spurs boss said there was no point wasting time on things beyond his control and would have contingency plans in place for all positions as a matter of routine, because he could lose any of his players to serious injury at any moment.

Postecoglou was speaking at a Q&A with business leaders from western Australia, where his team are on pre-season tour and where he is a homecoming hero after landing his move to the Premier League from Celtic.

‘I certainly hope so,’ he replied, when asked if Kane would be leading the line for his team next season. ‘It’s one of those things where, when you’re in this role, I’ve learned that you’ve got to deal with the certainties that are before you.

‘If you start thinking about what happens if this happens and that happens, there are too many things that can be floating in the air at any time, where you lose focus on what’s the most important thing.

‘The most important thing for me right now is to build a team that is going to be successful in the Premier League. If I wait to see what an outcome is before I start that process I’m going to lose valuable time.’

Kane will not sign a new Spurs deal this summer but remains open to all options, including leaving if Spurs decide they would prefer to cash in now rather than see him leave for free next year.

Many more clubs would be interested in a move for the England captain next year when his contract expires and he would probably earn more.

‘He’s with the club at the moment,’ said Postecoglou. ‘He’s a legend of the football club already. If he retired today they’d still probably build a statue for him. He’s a fantastic guy, a fantastic professional, but with everything in life there are always uncertainties there.

‘I don’t try to predict. You always have contingencies in your head, not just about Harry but about any player, because, knock on wood, someone could get injured on the eve of the season and you’ve got to be ready as a manager for all possibilities.

‘It’s one of the attractions of the role I guess, to be able to work with people like Harry and Sonny (Son Heung-min) and the guys who are already premier footballers in their own right but also for the club. Hopefully, I get to work with Harry a lot longer.’