Football NewsTottenham willing to sell Giovani Lo Celso and Dele Alli
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Tottenham Hotspur are open for sale to Giovanni Lo Celso and Dele Alli in the final days of the January transfer window as both players are left out of the squad for Sunday’s Match of the Day.


A little about the topic

Both players have been linked from the exit door at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium under Conte, with the duo’s absence from their vital clash with the Blues at Stamford Bridge the latest indication that their time with the Lilywhites could be higher. Both men trimmed peripheral figures under the Italian and ahead of this weekend’s game, Giovani reaffirmed that his absence was not due to injury, adding fuel to the fire that his days – and those of his teammate – are numbered.


What did Giovani Lo Celso say?

Giovani Lo Celso wrote on social media shortly before the start that, regarding the questions he received, he would like to make it clear that he is 100 percent in good physical condition. Giovani has no problems and feels very good. Giovani Lo Celso wishes all the best to his team for today’s derby. Lo Celso’s words symbolized the image of him and several teammates laughing together in training.


What did Antonio Conte say?

Antonio was asked about Dele’s future after his side’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea on Sunday, but declined to talk about what’s in store for England. Antonio Conte said he didn’t want to comment on singles. There is a club to make the best decision. There is a sports director and a chairman and they make the final decision. Antonio Conte has chosen not to consider the possibility of new players arriving before the transfer window closes and insists that his team’s problems cannot be solved by transfers alone.

The Italian coach said that this is not the right time to play, the club knows very well what he thinks. There is no transfer market to close the gap. Over the past few years, this gap has become very large, and now it is not easy to find a solution in a short time. Conte is focused only on working to the end, they have four months to try and give everything, but if they think they are solving the transfer market situation, this is not reality. You need many years, but surely they should start.

According to Antonio they have to sell or loan players, and that’s hard, and then they have to find the right players for them. they can only begin this process, but they need many years. It won’t be easy, Conte has spoken to the club and is fully in this position of the club to work and improve the situation on the court. Conte are enjoying their time at Tottenham, they have four months to work and get the best possible result. Conte says he is proud of these efforts. Sometimes you can push 100%, but it’s not enough.