Football NewsTuchel admits Chelsea’s top target was a top-four finish

Thomas Tuchel admits a top-four finish was his club’s maximum target ahead of the last 2020/21 Premier League game.


Chelsea fights for a top-four finish along with Leicester City and Liverpool. The battle is stiff and Tuchel insists he has no fear of the repercussions should he misses a top-four finish.

Also, the Blues Manager admitted that his team is in danger but they don’t fear because he trusts in their skills. However, Tuchel honestly reveals he is aware of the gossips, clarifies he doesn’t fear missing out on the European spot.

“Honestly, it was the maximum target to reach the top four this season,” Tuchel admitted.

“But I know what you’re speaking of, and I will not hide. You don’t have to be a genius, I know what can happen if we lose,” he revealed.

“Of course you can lose any match in football but listen, there’s a big difference between fear and danger.

“Are we in fear? No, we are not. Why? Because we trust our skills. Are we in danger? Yes, of course,” he clarified.

“But if I go over the street after training I am in danger, but I will still go over the street, I will not sit here the whole day. Because I trust myself that I can take care of myself,” the former PSG tactician added.

On transfer news, Tuchel confirms his interest in signing Harry Kane. He claims every manager loves Kane.

“If you find any coach around the world who would not like to have Harry Kane in his team, call me again. Because I would like to speak with that guy and hear about his ideas of scoring and attacking,” Tuchel said.

“Everybody loves Harry Kane but let’s be very, very clear: he is a player for Tottenham,” he stated. “He has a long-term contract and we’ll not get involved in any press conference with any disrespectful comments about that.”