Football NewsTuchel confirms Romelu Lukaku has returned to Chelsea squad
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The head coach has confirmed that Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku has returned to Chelsea after being kicked out of the Blues’ plans after controversial interviews with Italian media.


A little about the topic

Romelu Lukaku stayed away from a thrilling 2-2 draw with Liverpool after commenting on that he did not want to leave Serie A champions Inter in the summer of 2021 and was disappointed with the role he is being asked to fill in another tactical system at Stamford Bridge. Thomas Tuchel chose to pull Romelu out of the line for a high-profile Premier League fixture, but is happy to clear the air with his £ 98m frontman and will consider the 28-year-old in his first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final clash with London rival Tottenham on Wednesday.


What did Tuchel say about Romelu Lukaku?

The head coach told reporters when asked about the Romelu Lukaku saga that above all, they are happy that they took the time to calmly look at it, this is what they did. according to Thomas Tuchel, Romelu Lukaku has apologized and returned to the squad for training today. The most important thing was to understand and believe that this was not intentional. There was never the slightest behavior against the team. These are very important points to understand that it is not as big as people or they want it to be. Lukaku is also not small, but small enough to keep calm, accept an apology and move on.

Lukaku knows what happened and he created and feels a responsibility to clean up the mess, but there could still be a smell, of course. they are happy that he is their player and will protect him. If someone strongly disagrees, it’s about the team with everything they do.

According to Tuchel, Lukaku is very loyal. This is why it was so amazing for Tuchel. Lukaku scored against Villa and then the next game, but he was there and decisive. Thomas never, before the interview, had the slightest doubt that it was not perfect. Romelu is an emotional guy, he is not held back by his opinions. they shouldn’t just blame him and point out the negative side, they should adapt. It created some kind of buzz that they don’t want, but there is no doubt about his commitment to the team.