Football NewsTuchel explained why Saul Niguez was replaced
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Saul Niguez had a rough time at Stamford Bridge and only lasted 45 minutes on his last Premier League run.


What did Tuchel say about Saul Niguez?

Chelsea head coach Tuchel explained why the Spain midfielder was replaced part-time in Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Watford, with Saul Niguez hooked at intervals for the second time in the same Premier League. Saul Niguez was acquired by Chelsea on an initial lease for the season over the summer, with that agreement including an option to push through a permanent deal with Atletico Madrid. It looks like there is little chance that this item will be launched, with Saul Niguez lasting just 45 minutes against the Hornets already suffering a similar fate in his debut against Aston Villa in September.

Commenting on why Niguez replaced Silva during the break at Vicarage Road, Thomas told reporters that he was on a yellow card. They had two options, the other was to take off Alonso and put Niguez in for the back. Thomas Tuchel had this in his head before the game if something happened to Alonso, but it was not the right match to try new positions.

According to Tuchel it is he who left to change shape a little and have Silva on the pitch with the quality of the organization, and Chalobah at six, which is more physical. Unfortunately Chalobah injured himself so they ended up with Loftus-Cheek in a single six. It was a tactical decision and they are continuing from here.


A little about Saul Niguez

Niguez took just three appearances in the Premier League for Chelsea, and his other departure is to see him get two minutes off the bench in a 3-0 win at Newcastle. Saul Niguez completed a full run for the Blues just once, in the Carabao Cup clash with Southampton, and saw that this suggested a loan deal could be severed in January. Thomas is adamant that it won’t and has denied any suggestion that Niguez was not the player he asked for during the last transfer window.

He said of a proven performer who took over 340 appearances for Atlético before taking on a new challenge in England, what was the signing of the club? No, they don’t. Until now, they have not made club and coaching receipts. they make signatures because they decide together, because they think it’s a good choice and a good addition to the team, and it was that way.