English Premier LeagueTuchel rally a cry to his players ahead of the seasons crucial moments

Thomas Tuchel warns his players that they have won nothing yet despite being in two finals and a possible top-four finish.


Tuchel insists ‘it’s not the time for praise, it’s time to finish the job’ as they prepare for crucial moments. The former Paris Saint Germain boss rallies a cry ahead of Arsenal clash and a double title hunt

However, Tuchel reveals his players are aiming in a double and a top-four finish. He says they are much in these targets and wish not to disturb them.

“It’s the challenge for the coach not to disturb them. That’s pretty much it,” Tuchel said.

“We showed a lot of personality in the last games and I stick with what I said. Sometimes if the pressure mounts and mounts and increases all the time it can be a huge next step to keep the level up.

“We are in the middle of the race for top four. We have two finals to come and you can only achieve it if you are on a consistently high level mentally and physically. With a good atmosphere and this is what we try to keep now. We do very well and I think the team feels it,” Tuchel explained.

“It is not the time for praise, not the time for reflection. It is the time to continue and finish the job,” Tuchel warned.

However, the German has acknowledged Frank Lampard’s role in their success. He says Lampard a key figure and one of the biggest plays in Chelsea’s history.

“He has one of the biggest legacies, is one of the biggest players and key figures of this club,” Tuchel said.

Tuchel added, “And he represents everything, when you think about Chelsea, you think about Frank Lampard: the way he is and how he played football. That showed his character.”