CricketAshwin reviews DRS decision: Strange moment in TNPL 2023
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India’s veteran all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin is known for his clever tactics in the game, and recently he has grabbed headlines with his shocking decisions during the Tamil Nadu Premier League on Wednesday. The player who was deemed superfluous in the final of the ICC World Test Championship against Australia returned to domestic cricket, leading the Dindigul Dragons in the TNPL.
Umpire overturned the decision


In a match against Ba11C Trichy, Ashwin’s Dindigul Dragons were having a great performance as their opposition was setting a low score for them. The skipper Ashwin looked upset when Ba11C Tricky’s batsman, R Rajkumar, overturned On Field’s umpire decision during the 13th over. Rajkumar was given out by on-field umpire K Srinivasan, but the decision was overruled by the third umpire as the replay suggested that the bat had touched the grass before passing the ball.


Ashwin reviewed  umpire’s decision

The third umpire was assured that there was a spark on the ultraedge before the ball hit the bat, and thus the batsman Rajkumar was given not out. Seconds after Ba11sy Tricky’s star decision was overturned, Ashwin decided to take a review on this same delivery. The on-field umpire went with the process, and the TV umpire declared Rajkumar not out for the second time. This strange moment soon became a topic of conversation on the internet.


Dragons registered a comfortable win


The target given to Team Dindigul Dragons was 120, and Ashwin’s team defeated Ba11C Trichy by six wickets at Coimbatore. Ganga Sridhar Raju took Ba11sy to a modest score, but the Dragons chased the target in just 14.5 overs and registered an easy win. Indian spinner Varun Chakarvarthy was declared the man of the match.


Ashwin talked about the incident


After the match, Ashwin spoke about this shocking incident in the TNPL and said, “Looking at the big screen, I thought it was out, and DRS is a new rule in the contest. The spike usually comes before the bat, even if there was an edge, and for overturning on-field decisions, you need Definitive evidence that was overturned by the TV umpire, so I was not happy. I reviewed the decision again, hoping that the umpire would look at it from a different angle.