Football NewsTwo Torino players have been confirmed for the coronavirus
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Preparations for the new season begin in Italy. After Brescia and Naples, two Torino players with confirmed coronavirus were identified in Turin.


Preparations for the new 2020/21 season in Italy begin, and the teams start assembling.

Due to the fact that the world is currently fighting the coronavirus, and according to the protocol, all clubs are obliged to check the players returning from vacation on the coronavirus before the resumption of training.

As you may know, the players of Napoli and Brescia have recently been confirmed with Coronavirus infection. Yesterday, Torino also issued an official statement saying that two players were infected with COVID-19.

Football Club Torino reports that before the start of the pre-season, two players tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the protocol, the club immediately passed the information to the competent authorities about the players who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. But they do not have any symptoms that are characteristic of the virus. The players now are in self-isolation.

“Currently, due to security measures, three players of the main team, who had contact with infected players, are undergoing a thorough medical investigation,” the statement reads.

Recall that the start of the Italian Serie A 2020/21 season is scheduled for September 19.