Football Newsundecided situation of Ilaix Moriba
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Many words can characterize Ilaix Moriba’s case, but the most fitting word to this situation is bizarre. The whole situation is plain odd. Ilaix has turned down the offer of renewing the contract with Barcelona. So at this point, he can go to any other that will offer him a place.

Ilaix Moriba’s undecided circumstance

As already mentioned, Ilaix Moriba has already turned down an offer from Barcelona regarding his contract renewal. At this point, the whole thing remains quite foggy and bizarre. Ilaix Moriba hasn’t come out with an announcement regarding the entire thing, and Barcelona didn’t say a something as well, only we hope that we may see some information shortly, but still, it’s not guaranteed that Moriba will stay at Barcelona. Ilaix has been demoted to team B, and nobody likes his attitude towards the case. Ronald Koeman harshly criticized his player’s attitude. However, there is still not enough information to say what will happen in the future of Ilaix Moriba. It’s all up to him to decide what he will do with his career. If he feels fulfilled within Barcelona, he will stay, but if he doesn’t, we will see some moves made by Ilaix. 

Future of Ilaix Moriba

Ilaix Moriba is a quite promising player, but the place that he will be at seems to remain a mystery for a while. Surely we will see something regarding the case, but at this point, all we can do is to wait. All we know right now is that Ilaix turned down the contract renewal with Barcelona, and he is probably going to another team. That is the only thing we know, and we don’t even know what Barcelona thinks of Ilaix, the only hope is to wait and see what they will do with this whole mess.