Understanding El Clasico even better

Understanding El Clasico even better

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29 Mar 2022
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El Clasico

Possession with the ball was really good!

Both teams are good with the ball, and Real Madrid formally got four central midfielders at the start. In their bare ability to build attacks and control the center, they could compete with Barça. But the difference in the speed of the return of the ball led to the dominance of the Catalans – the mentioned 63% of possession in the first half.  In this pattern, the guests could confidently draw their favorite techniques in attack. Xavi even noted the too simple nature of the match – he probably meant exactly how easy it was to seize the initiative and impose his football. The reason is precisely the difference in pressure. Having received a favorite scenario, Barca opened up the opponent in a typical way. As usual, they controlled the center, and created chances through flank interactions. The map of the broadcasts from the Football in Numbers channel well emphasizes the idea of the Xavi team: On the right, conditions were created for the isolation of Ousmane Dembele against Nacho. Moments were born from the advantage of the Frenchman in this duel. Full-back Araujo hardly joined the attack; the central midfielder Frenkie de Jong closest to this edge did not open to the flank – either he was located deeper or opened in the center. With their movement, they literally took other Real Madrid players away from the individual Dembele / Nacho duel. The idea on the left flank was in triangles and combinations. Alba moved forward more actively, while Pedri opened up in the near-flank zones. Changing positions and rhythmic passing within the triangle confused the Real Madrid players and generated chances from this flank. This is how examples of the Dembele/Nacho duel looked like – Usman turns out to be 1-in-1 against the opponent on a large section of the field (that is, the duel is individual, and there is still room to accelerate). Ideal scenario for Barcelona: Another source of threat was episodes where Nacho went into pressure (as you remember, he was terrible at Real Madrid). Then Dembele was generally alone in space: A common feature of the moments: Ousmane’s high and wide position and the ability of the team to constantly bring the ball to him.  To reflect the dynamics on the left flank, perhaps the best fit is the very attack in which Pedri organized the most subtle pass of this match (you definitely remember it). Alba took part in the promotion here, and Ferrand, Pedri and Aubameyang organized a triangle in the third. 


Possible future of El Clasico 

El Clasico still remains to be a big thing, but now seeing how things are going on right now this is pretty interesting, everyone seems to be pretty hyped about the whole deal, because obviously it’s a big deal. Strategic masterpiece that it always has been was shown to its fullest potential, and Barcelona was too overwhelming for real, thus leading Real Madrid to failure in this particular match.

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