Football NewsValverde is sure that Los Blancos will win trophies this year
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The calm that he has in every game. He is German for everything. I enjoy football, I live it with a lot of passion. But it is that the big matches and the Champions League live with a bit of nerves and he seems to be going to play on the patio with some friends or with the children.


What about Casemiro?

Everything. The aggressiveness – takes me to that reflex of those of us who come from South America to fight and fight each ball as if it were the last. For us, football and each game are the last thing. It is the passion. I get a little from each one and that completes an incredible footballer.


And Fede Valverde who is he most like?

I can have a bit of Luka Modric because I have that energy. I try to play for the team, I try to be that part that you don’t see much. Casemiro has said it a lot, doing that dark job that doesn’t stand out. A little bit of Luka and another of Case. I try to contribute my energy to the defense and the forwards but it is a job that does not stand out sometimes.


This is your fourth season and you have a contract until 2027… but the Classic, what? Can there be any decaf Classic? No, I don’t think there is. Obviously the stars of each team left. Cristiano from Madrid, Messi from Barcelona. That accumulated a lot of people around the world, millions of people watching that game almost for the two of them. Today it is different, but it is still Madrid-Barça. It keeps reaching everyone, it keeps reaching every player. It is a unique game for everyone. I come from South America. It is a game that is enjoyed as if it were the last in life and that is played as the first. Being from South America, I enjoy it to the fullest, I try to enjoy every moment with my friends, with my family. For me it is unique.