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El Pajarito wins the Super Cups in Saudi Arabia and, despite injuries, presents itself as the heir to Kroos and Modric.

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According to Ancelotti, his ability to attack “the opponent’s court” like a hawk is the key Fede Valverde used to regain the relevance at Madrid that injuries had taken from him ahead of this Saudi version of the Spanish Super Cup. El Pajarito achieved his goal in the Clasico for the second time, when he used that tournament to claim the role the club has given him: to become Kroos and Modric natural heir in the long run. In 2020, he added reality to those expectations with his MVP in that Super Bowl in Jeddah, from which he emerged, congratulating even Simeone. Two years in which physical problems slowed down an expected move to midfield and eventually led to the emergence of a new competitor with the signing of Camavinga (a player very similar in profile but on the left) and the return of Ceballos, which Ancelotti intends to take advantage of. It’s clear to Madrid that the 23-year-old Uruguayan is the future (which is why he was extended by another two years, until 2027, last summer), but his medical history is still astounding.

What else do we know?

Valverde has once again been a decider in the Super Cup Classic as he competed in that competition’s derby in 2020, and even his wife, Argentine journalist Mina Bonino, is tagging along with her idiosyncratic casual style on Twitter. Bonino shared a screenshot of his “motivational” message to the white midfielder, in which he “threatened” not to hire a cook and that he would have to eat her meals “if you don’t hit when you hit.” To the square”. Whether it’s a promotion or not, the fact is that Valverde hit the ball and it was a 2-3 decisive score. “When I started running, I thought it should end with a goal,” Valverde himself recalled yesterday on RMTV. “Fede is incredible in Super Bowls, he loves Arabia,” Vinicius jokes, looking back at 2020. The most superbowl bird.