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VAR in the European Leagues-Serie A, Ligue 1

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16 Nov 2019
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European Leagues

The few months VAR has been used in the Premier League has seen plenty of frustration, anger and controversy with a number of high-profile incidents.


Premier League is now on the verge of leading a consultation on how well the VAR system is working. Despite the efforts, no major changes will be made in this campaign.

The League referee’s lead on VAR, Neil Swarbrick told BBC Sports, he would rate the introduction of the technology as a seven out of 10.

But then, how does this system work elsewhere? Is it similar or different? Let’s find out from the major European Leagues.

Serie A


With VAR introduction in 2017, this technology was very slow. From a fan’s perspective, it was not great because the long wait killed the enjoyment.

As a result, Lazio manager, Simone Inzaghi complained vociferously about the system. He went to the extent of suggesting his side were ready to quit Serie A altogether in protest.

The club was awarded a penalty against Inter Milan in 2017 only to have it rescinded after consultation with the VAR.

The changes

VAR is a lot quicker. The Referees’ chief, Nicchi said there were far fewer red cards for violent conduct because they knew they would be picked up by the VAR and not be able to get away with it.


Recently, there has been controversial because the referees on the pitch and the VAR are not getting it right. They are not interpreting the incidents correctly.

The feeling is that the technology works well and the process is quicker. However, the problem is the incorrect human interpretation that makes fans more annoyed.

Ligue 1


VAR had very bad press from its introduction in 2018. The referees were making a lot of obvious mistakes. But now, there is even more criticism against referees than before VAR existed. It was meant to avoid controversy and obvious errors but we have not got to the point yet.

The changes

In the stadium, it takes so long that there is no emotion and you are just waiting for the decision. You are not sure whether to celebrate a goal or not.


This season, VAR is even worse. It is good when it changes the obvious errors and it’s fair if a player is offside by two or three meters.

Offside is badly judged. The point is not on overturning a goal if a player is one-centimeter offside, they draw a line and rule out a goal if an armpit or chin is offside.

Football is meant to be a human sport. However, there are huge stoppages and they are reviewing everything included ridiculous calls for handball.

VAR is creating more problems than before. To solve this, they need to have a meeting based on VAR discussion. A number of players say it doesn’t work well and we have to listen to the people playing the game itself.

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