Victorian Cricket Slams Two Brothers For Unusual Mankad

Victorian Cricket Slams Two Brothers For Unusual Mankad

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24 Feb 2022
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County Cricket

Victorian Premier Cricket has slammed two second grade cricketers after separate incidents during a second grade.

The Second XI had a little drama when the bowler ran out the batsman at the non-end striker’s without delivering the ball. It was the final wicket of the game and, according to reports, the second such dismissal of the innings.

The unusual incident picked headlines after a Mankad misconduct. On Wednesday night, brothers Sen and Nivin Sathyajith appeared before the tribunal on allegations pertaining to their behaviour.

However, the critics seem to be divided on the act. Some consider it fair as it is a legitimate tactic according to the rulebook. 

Conversely, some other find it a desperate and disrespectful act that doesn’t go in accordance with the gentleman nature of cricket. 

The incident took place following Kingston Hawthorn’s close victory against Casey South Melbourne at Walter Galt Reserve in Parkdale.

Sen was given a 10-match suspension, while Nivin was given an eight-match suspension. In addition to his severe punishment, Sen has been ordered to undergo an education programme. 

Sen was given a one-match suspension for strong dissent in Round 9. Strong measures have been taken considering the recurrence of the wicket taking tactic as alien to the spirit of the game. 

It was the second time in the match that bowler Sen Sathyajith employed the method to pick up a wicket.

The umpire can be clearly seen asking the Hawks captain if he wants to uphold the appeal in both Mankad instances. 

Cricket Victoria stated that it “would make no further comment on the tribunal or its deliberations.”

Casey-South Melbourne needed 14 runs from 18 deliveries with one wicket in hand at the time of the second Mankad.

Former state cricketer Adam Crosthwaite, who has starred in Melbourne and Sydney for years, was among several to criticise the decision to carry out the mankad.

Crosthwaite wrote on his twitter, “This is really horrible.” Such incidents have taken place oftenly in the last couple of years. Subsequently, the cricketing world seems to be divided on the use of Mankad as a regular tactic. 

In such a case, it is up to the ICC to take it as a concerning issue and make commendable changes. 

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