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Sun, Ibiza and training with mine”. Vinicius (21 years old) proudly exhibits his body these last days of his vacations , which in reality are not so much, for which he has rented a large mansion in Ibiza. In it he lives with his closest circle, his childhood friends, Wesley Menezes and Luiz Filipe Menegate, and some other relatives. A couple of days ago his great friend Reinier arrived, they know each other from his time in Flamengo. And he surrounds himself with the people who are most important in his daily work, mainly the fitness guru Thiago Lobo. He also always travels with a French chef who has nutritionally adapted the menu of black beans, rice and white meat steak that had been the fundamental diet of the young star until he signed for Madrid. The images speak clearly of the effort Vinicius makes to make his body a perfectly oiled machine, the most unbalanced player on the planet and the one who, according to Olocip data, has had the most impact on Madrid’s attacking game this season. The footballer even sacrifices his vacation. It is already a tradition. Of the full month that he has available, he uses the first 15 days to travel and the next 15 to prepare, physically and nutritionally, for the next campaign. That is where Thiago Lobo comes into action, who is an integral trainer for him and who also works as a physiotherapist. Actually, he is a health manager. The rules at the Vinicius mansion are clear. The cohort of young friends that accompanies him trains with him and like him, even though they are not elite athletes. The atmosphere is hyper healthy, and parties are more than prohibited. Almost four hours of hard sessions in the morning and rest in the afternoon. Everything, in the paradisiacal environment of Ibiza. The Vinicius Plan has worked like a charm these seasons to become, despite his youth, one of the main pillars of Ancelotti’s team on which, in addition, Madrid plans to structure the team of the future.

Thiago Lobo is the secret.

Lobo joined the ranks of Santos in 2002. There, in the Vila Belmiro team, he remained until 2016, when he decided to embark on his first European adventure: he accompanied Gabriel Barbosa, Gabigol, when the Brazilian striker signed for Inter Milan . “It’s not about the money, but about the opportunity to work, it’s also about the player’s health and what he can mean in the future.”