Spanish La Liga NewsVinicius has shown a master-class again
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Vinicius Junior demonstrated a master-class against Chelsea. It was visible that Reece James could not handle the speed of the Brazilian footballer.


Everything as expected from the experts

It was equivalent to feeling classified. Now it is somewhat less, but it should be enough against a Chelsea that was what was expected: an aggregate of expensive signings without combining. However, he had his chances: a first by Joao Felix, who wasted with all the advantage, another by Sterling that Courtois disrupted with an anthological save and another by Mount at the end, saved by Rudiger. You never have to trust.


Opening the lines for Vinicius Junior

Chelsea plunged into their area and that only opened up when Carvajal threw a great ball behind the three center backs that Vinicius followed to score a very forced shot that Kepa narrowly missed, although with no more effect than letting it loose to the attentive Benzema. A goal arrived via Vinicius, as the second would arrive when he put it to Asensio for him to send it inside with that extraordinary purity of touch from his left foot. And that was not all that Vinicius did: he did much more, he brought danger to the area many times. He never rests, he always tries and comes to the end of the games as fresh as he took the field.

Madrid missed the LaLiga train, they have the prospect of the Cup in just one game, not easy, to win the title with which Ancelotti would complete his color ladder in two seasons, but the fans have the Champions League again in mind. With Benzema back, Vinicius as irrepressible as the Gento of the black and white years, Courtois and Militao splendid, the good tone of Kroos and Modric and everything else, there is permission to dream . At the exit of this curve, if it comes out, as we assume, City will await him, it is assumed, or Bayern if he comes back from 3-0, which would be more scary. And that’s another lopez. But Madrid as it should be.