Football NewsVinicius Junior says that he improved in many aspects
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The Brazilian youngster said that he is ready to dominate the world of football. 

Being in the level of elite

The Brazilian Vinicius Junior lives his season of consecration in the elite, adding 12 goals and 9 assists at the beginning of the season, data that make him a reference in Real Madrid and that he has achieved thanks, “especially” to improve “in tranquility within ”his game. I think I have improved in many things, but above all in the tranquility within my game. I am doing things more calmly and with more quality as well. When the team is well it is also easier for me,” he commented in statements collected in the club’s website.


Consecutive wins in the championship

A good moment so far is advanced to Real Madrid, which has ten consecutive victories: “The main key to our good moment is everyone’s work and especially in the defensive aspect, in which the team is phenomenal. That makes our lives easier for those ahead,” he commented. Vinicius received the award that accredits him as a Mahou Five Star Player for November in LaLiga Santander. It is the third time he has received it after winning it in August and October.

Vinicius Junior is believed to be the pair of Kylian Mbappe in the future. Los Blancos is interested in Kylian Mbappe. Florentino Perez sees the future through the prism of the very fast duo – Vini and Kylian. Mbappe is still thinking about the contract with Real Madrid. Vinicius Junior is already dominating the La Liga and Champions League. So far, he has done many things to amaze fans and experts. Football experts say that Vinicius Junior is already an elite level player and he will achieve big things pretty soon. As he is playing for Real Madrid, it may affect the team’s future very brightly.