Spanish La Liga NewsVinicius Junior was unstoppable in the final of Copa
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Vinicius Junior was unstoppable against Osasuna. The Brazilian did everything to outperform the whole team of the opponents.


Running uphill

Living up to the hackneyed phrase that finals are won, Madrid won the Cup against an unfailing and brave Osasuna. He almost took that sentence to the extreme, because in reality he did not deserve more than the Rojillo team, but he has gotten used to winning without doing more than the minimum required. It was again a dysfunctional block and uncovered behind, but it counts for its luck on Rodrygo and, above all, with Vinicius. The first confirmed that he is a player of big nights, while the second further raised his status as the best footballer of the moment. He left everyone, he even left the game for a while, but he always comes back. He is indefensible to any opponent. It is enough to see how at the beginning he dynamited all of Arrasate’s approach to placing Moncayola behind him.That 1-4-4-2 of Osasuna had too many cracks and was excessively lengthened to be able to give Vinicius a real war. If they closed him inside, he won the bottom line. If they let him out, he went in. The Brazilian did what he wanted at all times despite losing an ideal ally like Benzema, far from his level.


From side to side

Somehow, Vinicius excused Madrid’s sins. A very visible one is the conformism with which he attends the matches, knowing that his opportunity will come despite the dangerous game that this entails. The others are closely linked to his structural oversights in pressure, aid and final defense. In Ancelotti’s jargon, with the exception of Carvajal who, as always, is life insurance in the finals, there is a lot of optimistic defense. Camavinga’s back was a hole through which Rubén Peña went. Then Budimir became big in the area around Militao and Alaba, albeit without any finishing touches. Osasuna oriented his possessions well to the sides, made use of Oroz’s support and approached Courtois’ area with great danger. In front,Tchouameni arrived late in a new suspicious function of the French midfielder. But Osasuna ran into a very harsh reality. He lost because he does not have Vinicius, the eternal blessing of this Madrid.