Football NewsVinicius starts with the same gallons as Mbappe
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The Brazilian has 21 goals and 19 assists. last season he had six goals and four assists. He is the footballer of his country with the highest market value.

The situation

“An unforgettable night… My first hat-trick.” Still from the bowels of the Santiago Bernabéu, in the Madrid dressing room and with the game just over, Vinicius celebrated with the fans the win against Levante but, above all, a historic event for him. It was the first time in his career, after 168 official games played as a professional, that he scored three goals in the same game. Smiling, he posed with the match ball (it is customary for the author of the feat to take it home) and spread the image through social networks. The Brazilian from Madrid became at a stroke the protagonist of the day in his country , monopolizing headlines in the written press and spaces on radio and television. It is not in vain, today , he is the footballer born in Brazil with the highest market value, already surpassing the 90 in which Neymar is valued , second in the classification. At 21 years old, Vinicius has established himself definitely like a galactic of sport. A stratospheric season is to blame in which the young attacker has multiplied at a stroke. In the 2020-21 campaign he materialized six goals and four assists, in this, the one of his emergence, he has scored 21 goals and given 19 goal passes. He is ‘Vinicius cubed’. 

Hollow in the history of Madrid.

Despite his youth, Vinicius has already managed to gain a foothold in the history of Real Madrid. For starters, he has played a whopping 165 games. But, even more, the 36 goals scored place him as the fourth Brazilian who has scored the most goals in the entity’s 120-year history, only surpassed by Ronaldo’s 104 (in 177 games), Roberto Carlos’s 69 (in 527) and Marcelo’s 38 (in 545 games). Behind him there are already historical players like Robinho (35), Casemiro (31), Savio (30) or Kaka (29). On the other hand, it is hopeful for the future that he has ended up mixing perfectly with Benzema. The two have managed to meet systematically on the pitch throughout the season to the point where the Benzema-Vinicius partnership has scored 12 goals: 7 goals from Vinícius from a pass from Benzema, 5 goals from Benzema from a pass from Vinicius. It is not surprising, with such production, that Ancelotti does not consider moving the young star from the left flank… Mbappe notwithstanding.