Football NewsVinicius Tobias asks for passage
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Work and wait. Vinicius Tobias is having an outstanding first leg of the season , fixed at Raúl’s Castilla and valuable in the Youth League. Grow, learn and improve… while he awaits the long-awaited call from Ancelotti to make his debut with the first team. I dream of him. Until a few weeks ago he had an obstacle that made it impossible: there were no free extra -community files . And he, a Brazilian, needs it to be able to be registered in LaLiga and participate with the ‘elderly’. But the nationalizations of Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao have cleared that path of obstacles and now the only thing that separates them is to convince Ancelotti. Merits, he is doing. Looking at the League, he has started in all of Castilla’s games. 

Arbeloa… recruited him

And how is it that he is playing in the Youth League ? Because at the age of 18 this year (in February), he is still in the youth range . And as such, you can participate in the competition. The same is true of Iker Bravo, who will come of age on January 15, 2023. Both, being eligible, were enrolled in the Youth League and are playing during the week with the Arbeloa team. It is a matter that is being managed with a head: when there have been delicate matches, they have participated, but as soon as the classification was sealed, they stopped ‘forcing’. None traveled to Warsaw or Leipzig, for example.Vinicius Tobias, present in three games, has played in 14 of the 17 that he has been able to play in this first leg.


He came from Shakhtar Donetsk , a consequence of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and an extraordinary regulation by FIFA , through which clubs were allowed to sign up to two players who were active in the Ukrainian or Russian leagues. Madrid chose him, signing a loan until the end of this season. He has a purchase option of 10 million, plus another 10 in ‘bonus’. He has not exercised at the moment, but he plans to do so. “He is in a period of adaptation, but he is a boy with a lot of present and future . We will treat him as best as possible so that he adapts and can give his maximum performance at Castilla… or the first team,” Raúl a press conference. “We have it in mind for the future,” added Ancelotti. One, which is increasingly present.