CricketVirat Kohli shares the secret of his fitness after hitting 87 balls 113 against Sri Lanka
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Virat Kohli Goes Big As India Scores 373 On Board

Virat Kohli has scored back to back centuries and it’s a warning for teams all around the world. There was a hiatus and it looked that Kohli’s struggle will cost him his place in the team. But he is too good a player to not make a comeback, and surely a grand comeback. There is a reason why he is called King Kohli.

Well scored Kohli batted for almost 30 overs and hardly he looked tired. There was no sweat no feelings of exhaustion as the 34 years old southpaw enjoyed the 45th century of his career, his 9th against Sri Lanka.

Thes secret of his performance is no doubt his immense talent and dedication to the game. But there is one more factor which makes Virat Kohli the most fit player. It is how elevates his game to level of perfection.

After his 113 off 87 against Sri Lanka, he was pretty happy to share how diet played a key role in maintaining the prime style of gaming. During half innings talk, Virat Kohli shared a few percepts about his healthy die which keeps his body fit and always charged for big moments.

What asked about his fitness level and A level gaming secret, Virat Kohli said: “I am quite aware of what I eat. I think diet is is probably the most important part of of things as far as I am concerned at my age at 34 going into the the mid 30s and the late 30’s.”

“I think diet for me is the most important thing because physical work you can still keep in touch with when you come here. But its its making sure that you have the right nutrition not just in terms of controlling your weight and fat percentage but also the kind of stuff that gives you energy.”

“In the field I’m pretty aware of what I eat at all times and that keeps me in in prime shape. Mentally I’m I’m always available and fresh to go out there and put my best foot forward and and give my 100% effort for the team.”

Kohli has always been hailed for his fitness as he the finest player in terms of athleticism for India. At 34, he is going good and scoring key runs for team India who are having a few games to test the team before they finally launch their stint for the ODI World Cup 2023.

Talking about the the game, it was well worth batting performance by team India who scored 373 runs while batting first in Guwahati. Rohit Sharma (83 off 67 balls), Shubhman Gill (70 off 60 balls) and Virat Kohli (113 off 87 balls) were the pioneer of the big score.