Virat Kohli won’t be overjoyed even if RCB wins TATA IPL 2022 without his best friend Ab De Villiers| Know Why

Virat Kohli won’t be overjoyed even if RCB wins TATA IPL 2022 without his best friend Ab De Villiers| Know Why

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29 Mar 2022
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Ab De Villiers

Virat Kohli won’t be overjoyed even if RCB wins TATA IPL 2022 without his best friend Ab De Villiers| Know Why

Virat Kohli, who left the captaincy of Royal Challengers Bangalore ie RCB last year, is part of RCB as a player in IPL 2022.

However, this time he is not accompanied by AB de Villiers, who has played with him for almost 10 years. Virat Kohli is still emotional about the fact that de Villiers is not a part of the team.

Not only this, but Virat Kohli also says that if RCB wins the IPL trophy in the coming seasons, they will not be very happy because they will think about AB de Villiers at that time as they win the trophy together wanted.

When AB de Villiers had decided to retire from the IPL, Virat Kohli was surprised to get this news. Talking to RCB about this, he said, “It was very strange, I mean, I clearly remember when he finally decided to take retirement.

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He sent me a voice note, we will go to Dubai after the World Cup. We were coming back from home. When we were going back home I found AB de Villiers’ voice note.

I opened it and while I was listening to it, I looked at Anushka in surprise. My face fell on which she questioned done, I showed her the message and the voice note from AB and she said, ‘Don’t tell me!’. She knew.”

Virat Kohli on De Villiers

He continued, “I guessed the last IPL that he might retire. Our rooms were next to each other, and we used to walk and disperse like that. Every time we went to our rooms and he’d look at me outside, he’d be like, ‘I want to invite you over for coffee.

I was getting nervous and was like ‘I’m not sitting with you, because I feel like something’s going to happen’ To which he would always say ‘No man, nothing is there, I just want to talk with you, because we talk all the time so, I knew something was cooking’.

Virat continued, “It’s a very strange feeling, I got very emotional. The voice note was very emotional for me too when he said, ‘Look I don’t have good cricket.

I have shared so many moments with him, Ups and downs, whatever we are doing were right next to me. The second day made me think, if we can win the title in the coming season, then I will think about them a lot first.

I would get emotional. Instead of what I would feel after so many years of hard work, I would think about him. It still means a lot to him, even if he is watching the match from home.

He is a special person. Because he has won everyone’s heart. I don’t think there is anyone person who can say that AB de Villiers has not contributed to his life in one way or the other.”

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