Football NewsWayne Rooney says Carlos Tevez was his favorite player
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Wayne Rooney has enjoyed an acclaimed PL career playing alongside some of the game’s greatest minds.


What did Wayne Rooney say?

The former Red Devils forward has revealed that not Ronaldo, but Tevez was his favorite player, who filmed together while playing at Old Trafford. Now manager of Derby County, enjoyed a celebrated PL career anchored around a brilliant stint at the Theater of Dreams where he played alongside some of the best plays. However, when asked to pick the team-mate with whom he played the most, Wayne admitted that it was former Argentine star Tevez who he considered a cut above the rest.

When asked who he enjoys playing with the most, Wayne Rooney revealed that Tevez. he just liked their connection. the two of them in front, they praised each other very well. According to Wayne, usually if he played with Louis Saha, Robin van Persie or Ruud van Nistelrooy – these forwards would always be No. 9, and Wayne would play as No. 10. With Tevez they could spin, Wayne would be No. 9, he would be No. 9, and Wayne would be No. 10. When they lost the ball, they would be like two bulls trying to get it back. As a strike partner, he was the one he enjoyed playing with the most.


Wayne Rooney was devastated

Tevez’s stay at Old Trafford – the main element of which came in the 2008 Champions League final triumph – was somewhat marred by the player’s infamous third-party possession, and the subsequent move to neighbors Man City left Wayne stunned by his sudden exit in 2009. Wayne Rooney added that it was devastating. he enjoyed playing with him so much and Rooney knew something was going on because there was an issue with his property in terms of whether it was a club or an agent. It was very cheap to buy, and for whatever reason they didn’t buy it. Rooney thinks Manchester City got him for £20m, which is really unbelievable. They saw what a great player he was when he walked in. Rooney was devastated.