Football News‘We would not lag behind City by 16 points’ – Klopp
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The Liverpool head coach explains the failure by the difficulty of the season. The goal of the English champions is to occupy the highest possible place in the table.


Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp will not be satisfied with the current season – the Merseysiders are already 16 points behind the leader Manchester City and are in the 6th position in the tournament table. The head coach of the current champions of England is also trying to find the reasons for the failure.

“We have never been able to think about how to beat Manchester City or how to become the best team in England again. We just wanted to be the best version of ourselves. If everything goes well, it’s good, but if another team is better, you cannot do anything.

We can do no more than show the best version of our own game. We will try to repeat this again. Of course, a little luck is also needed. A little more justification in terms of injuries, and we will be able to approach them.

You will all agree, and I am sure Pep will say the same: we would not be 16 points behind Manchester City now that it was a normal season. But today, that is the case, and we accept it.

The thought this season is not how close we get to City. It is thought-provoking how high-level we move to the table. We have a job, “said the German specialist.

After 24 games in the English Premier League, Liverpool has 40 points and is in the 6th position in the tournament table. In the next match, Jürgen Klopp’s team will face Everton.