Football NewsWenger: “I was pleased when Liverpool’s winning streak ended.”
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Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has made no secret that he was happy when Liverpool failed to repeat their team’s winning streak of 49 matches in a row in the Premier League.


Liverpool have won 44 games in a row. The Merseyside series ended with a draw in the 28th round against Watford (0: 3).

“Yes, I felt satisfied when Liverpool failed. We always wanted to be the only team to achieve that.”

“They could really go all the way. However, their failure only proves that it is not easy to repeat our achievement. In any case, I have received many messages from Arsenal fans on that day,” – quoted Wenger as saying.


Javier Mascherano: “Liverpool is becoming a more perfect team in the hands of Klopp.”


Former Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano has also spoken about the significant success of his former team in the hands of Jurgen Klopp.

“Liverpool surprises me with their progress. Without saying a word, Klopp created the team with his own image. I look back on Liverpool 10 years ago, where I played, and I understand that the difference is like heaven and earth.”

“I’m watching Jurgen Klopp from Dortmund. The team used to look like Liverpool. But Klopp’s current team is also strong in positional attacks. Until now, his players were playing more directly in style.”

“I like this evolution. Liverpool are becoming a more perfect team,” Ole was quoted as saying by Javier Mascherano.