Football NewsWhat happened to Figo has happened to Barca again
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Manuel Jabois compared the situation of Dembélé’s signing after Neymar’s departure with what he experienced after Luis Figo left for Madrid at El Larguero de la Cadena SER.


Headache of Dembele

The renewal of Ousmane Dembélé is causing more of a headache in the offices of Camp Nou. The Frenchman has turned around and the signing of a new contract is complicated after the last meeting between the club and the player.  The signing of Ferran has not sat at all well to the extreme and he could jump through the air if his registration in LaLiga is not achieved. In El Sanhedrín de El Larguero on Cadena SER, Ramón Besa and Manuel Jabois analyzed the situation that Barcelona is experiencing with the French winger. 


Is Frenchman worth it?

For the Galician journalist, the signing of the Frenchman is similar to the situation experienced with the departure of Figo and the investments made with the funds received. In this case, it was Neymar who left and left 222 million in cash, part of which was invested in signing Dembélé. “Dembélé is 100% a great player. He has extraordinary conditions but does not have a big head. I speak of the field. He’s a spectacular player, but he never sensed a great coconut. It’s been a bit like Figo. You can sign hot and you have to have cold blood to know how to value it, “said the El País journalist. Ramon Besa assured that Dembélé is doing what he does best in these negotiations: dribbling. “Nothing surprises me. Dembélé is a character who dribbles everyone and is capable of dribbling himself. It is a consequence of investing Neymar’s 222 million dollars badly. I think that in order to register with Ferran it was convenient to renew Dembélé. It is a knot in which it is very difficult to interpret all the keys to the conflict. People are up to Dembélé’s hat, “he added.