Football NewsWhat is new about Kylian Mbappe’s situation?
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Rarely has Florentino Perez gone on the hunt and not cashed in. Rarely has a negotiation depended on so many things and so little on money, the key that opens all the doors in the world of football except that of Paris Saint-Germain, who can afford to risk losing Kylian Mbappe for nothing. That is the scenario that Real Madrid are now clinging to, but how likely is it? Imagine having a great job offer, perhaps in your dream destination, to which your company responds by doubling your salary.

Mbappe situation is still foggy and messy

Dreams are nice, they give meaning to life, but in the end you have to pay the bills. Some pay the electricity bill or the mobile phone bill, others the costs of the private jet or the hyperbaric chamber. This is how the cards have been dealt since the beginning of time. And that is how it will continue to be, the big problem of this giant mess, the uncertainty in anything that rumors’ spread around, we don’t know anything at this point, only thing we know is that PSG has been stretching this situation for too long and that Kylian Mbappe indeed wants to move to Real Madrid, Now comes the hardest part, hoping that Mbappe can last four months, or ten, without renewing his contract. Without giving in. Without giving in to the irresistible charm of money. Like the one when, in 2017, Kylian had the chance to say yes to Real Madrid. But he didn’t dare to, and that decision has now led to this moment. Hang in there, Mbappe, when you will be free agent then you can guarantee your place in Real Madrid.


Future of Kylian Mbappe

Future of Kylian Mbappe is really promising and it will be surely interesting to see everything unveil in front of our eyes, only thing we have to do is to wait and see.