Football NewsWhat is the current situation of Dembele
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According to Cadena SER, the Barcelona winger will wait until June to transfer to the prime minister free of charge. He will not agree to enter the winter market. Ousmane Dembele made a decision. With his renewal frozen and nearly impossible to redirect, it’s clear to him that his future will be decided once his contract ends.

Dembele’s situation 

Without an extension, there would be an immediate exit from the club, even with a free letter, it was reshuffled. However, sources close to the player consulted by Cadena SER say the winger will not agree to leave in January. “Either they accept his terms, or he will go to the Premier League in June for free,” the aforementioned media said. Moussa Sissoko, the player’s agent, knows he has an advantage and will push. The decision has been made, an ultimatum has been put forward. In this case, from the Dembele clan to Barsu. Since the UK competition, they have always had a special love for the Mosquito. The first was United, which showed great interest in new markets. Then Newcastle, driven by the huge number of millions now in its treasury. Also on the horizon appears Juventus, with which a principled agreement was reached a couple of weeks ago, according to the Catalan press. Federico Chiesa’s injury, which goes down until September due to a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee, could put the Bianconeri back on track, although the Memphis variant is the latter considered from a transalpine country.

Complicated pulse

The challenge is clear. On one side of the table are Sissoko and Dembele with a proposal to extend the kilometers from what the Barça team had in mind. On the other hand, Barça itself, which saw the signing, in which € 140 million was invested, is close to leaving without leaving any income as compensation. Let’s see who will win the momentum. Xavi asked for an update in his presentation. Publicly and internally, he praises you. She wants to keep counting on him. But he decided to step aside at the exorbitant requests of Vernon. Now everything will depend on the club and the player. And Dembele seems to be clear about that.